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Better, faster, stronger?

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Do you have a tutorial for adding like and reblog buttons to the home screen?

No, I do not, but I could if I had more information.

Adding these links/buttons for you to view, or to others to click when they are visiting your blog.

That is my question to you. Two entirely different animals…you see?

If I were to still be online, this is my next one.
I think I could do a lot with this.
tumblr, Themes, other, or otters„,

My mind is burning…

I will be offline for an undetermined period of time.

I saw your post for turning off the default tumblr dash icons but I have no idea what to do. Where do I put the code? I just want the default icons to stop covering up my icons. Thank you for the help!

You would need to find the dashboard icon style in your Stylish add-on and then edit it. The editing process would involve adding the following line to turn off the default icons:

#post_buttons a i {
  display: none !important;

Save the style after editing and it should work. Without the actual style code, I am only somewhat certain this is the solution

Hi, I'm using the new default theme (vidani). There is an endless scroll option but it isn't functioning so I disabled it on the theme and put in the cody sherman code. Its still not working. It goes back about 3 months but no more than that if not less.. Should I just go ahead and try a jquery code.. Unless you have another suggestion?

I kind of remember this. It turned out to be sort of nightmarish for me, so I opted to just not use infinite scrolling. From what I remember, here goes…

You would need to try Step 3 on Cody Sherman’s site. Follow the option for pasting the code right before your ending </head> tag, not the Custom CSS option he lists. Here’s the tricky part. Near the top of the instructions, this is the line that is shown to copy/paste:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Initially, you would want to do this. The next step is to go to the URL listed as the source (src=) in the code. It should take you to a page with the entire endless scroll script. Now in your theme you would want to edit the code line shown above then copy/paste the endless script source so it would be embedded in your theme. Like so:

<script type="text/javascript">
Copy/Paste endless scroll source code from URL

That was the only way I could get it to work. It turned out that I didn’t like it!

If you do end up choosing to use a jquery assisted endless scroll, you should consider that even using a minified jquery library would somewhat slow down the loading time for your blog.

In any event, I am hoping this was helpful and most importantly that it works. Best of luck to you!

Mustard BlotTiny FYI
.custom_period {display: none !important;}

Mustard Blot
Tiny FYI

.custom_period {display: none !important;}
Your post can have ONE tag but when you tag a 4th post with the same tag in 24 hours, the 1st will 'disappear'. Delete / mark private a post, the 1st 'magically' reappears under the tag. Try it... Create 3 posts tagged with ONLY a single tag. They'll all be under the tag. Create a 4th post with the same tag, you'll see the 1st post will missing!! Delete / mark private or remove the tag from one of the other posts that does display & your first post 'reappears'.

This is more than likely a tumblr issue, though not really an issue as far as what tumblr is trying to represent.

When you are new to searching a particular tag, would you want to see the majority of tagged posts coming from the same person? If it were me, I would wonder if I were looking at tagged post contributions from everyone in the tumblr community, or just one person. And if it were just one person, why wouldn’t I be looking at their blog instead?

With this in mind, tumblr is probably trying to keep one person from “spamming” a tag. You would have to contact tumblr staff to find out for sure, but this seems like a valid theory to me.

Hii can you please tell me how to code ''hover on permalinks'' Thanks in advanced :)

I’m sorry. For your blog? For general posts?

You would need to present me with more specific information so I could be more on target with this one.

Welcome to my CSS Toy Box

This is where I test CSS toys. You are currently looking at a variant of Steven Bradley's 3 Column CSS Layout.

This Simple Auto-Playing Slideshow might move a bit fast, but each slide either contains a link or actually is a link. There is a wee bit of jquery in use for the slideshow to function.

The Title is a good example of a CSS Toy. Blurred text changing to 3D Text with a CSS timed transition.

Initially all I wanted was to create Post Drop-Shadows without using images. This rapidly grew into something else.

I've seen a lot of fancy tricks for links, but most of them required javascript or some variant. I wanted a pure CSS Slider menu, hopefully one that allowed images.

Please take a look around. There are lots of little things I have toyed with, from the rounded inner corners of the avatar frame to the linear gradient background with a semi-opaque "noise" filter overlay.

I'm trying to utilize what I have learned, not just post links to what you might be able to do with CSS. Enjoy!