Bandwidth Exceeded…WHAT THE…!?!?

Have you ever tried to use an image stored on a “free” image storage site? Have you ever said “What the…?” out loud when that same image is suddenly replaced by a “Bandwidth Exceeded” message? Read on…

This isn’t rocket science, it’s just a little sneaky. Find an image you want to use for whatever purpose…background, banner…it doesn’t matter. Follow these simple steps:

  • Create a photo post and load the image. You could even load a bunch of images into a photoset.
  • Before you save the post, make sure you select “Private” for the setting (see image).
  • Click the “Create Post” button.
  • Go to your blog/photo post.* If your image width is 500 pixels or less, proceed to the next step. If your image width is larger than 500 pixels, open the image to screen size by clicking it.
  • Now grab the URL. For Firefox, right click the image and select “Copy Image Location” (not copy link location). For Chrome, right click the image and select “Copy image URL”.
  • Paste the URL wherever you wish to use it.

As long as you don’t delete the image, it should be available for use. Think of it as your own private storage. You no longer have to log in to another site or try to track down your image because it’s right here! Cheers!

*Unless selected for viewing Hires, tumblr resizes images to a maximum of 500 pixels.

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Welcome to my CSS Toy Box

This is where I test CSS toys. You are currently looking at a variant of Steven Bradley's 3 Column CSS Layout.

This Simple Auto-Playing Slideshow might move a bit fast, but each slide either contains a link or actually is a link. There is a wee bit of jquery in use for the slideshow to function.

The Title is a good example of a CSS Toy. Blurred text changing to 3D Text with a CSS timed transition.

Initially all I wanted was to create Post Drop-Shadows without using images. This rapidly grew into something else.

I've seen a lot of fancy tricks for links, but most of them required javascript or some variant. I wanted a pure CSS Slider menu, hopefully one that allowed images.

Please take a look around. There are lots of little things I have toyed with, from the rounded inner corners of the avatar frame to the linear gradient background with a semi-opaque "noise" filter overlay.

I'm trying to utilize what I have learned, not just post links to what you might be able to do with CSS. Enjoy!